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new scout. and new DSi.

2009-06-23 22:42:17 by TBMeanz

thanks RKthrilla.
i was freaking out.
I don't plan on spamming anything.
I'll get some better stuff up here eventually.

And i got my DSi. I'm waiting for the flipbook app
to release in the US. Anyone who wants some animation
practice, should really get it. If it ever comes out in the states..
i dunno. but yeah. Youtube it. ^-^

I lost my scout...?

2009-06-23 01:07:23 by TBMeanz

uh.. i had a scout.. and i submitted some artwork..
and, people voted on them. and i got alot of views..
but now i'm suddenly, scoutless.. idk what happened.?

I got on newgrounds with my DSi.. idk, maybe it had
something to do with it... lame... : /

help me?


2009-06-20 02:33:49 by TBMeanz

After seeing how good alot of the art on here is,
I'm really motivated to try alot harder now. I'll be
posting some better stuff soon. They'll probably
be done in photoshop instead of pencil stuff..
Any ideas of what to draw would be pretty cool.

art portal??

2009-06-19 17:07:04 by TBMeanz

Woah. Holy shit.
i'm actually not that bad of
an artist.
i'll definitely be putting alot of stuff up.
: D

2 so far, check em out, yeah?

RE 4

2009-05-29 01:43:10 by TBMeanz

Can someone help me find a soundboard for the
merchant from Resident Evil 4?

got flash

2009-05-21 03:35:36 by TBMeanz

I actually got flash now.
So i'll probably get around to
doing something.. i have ideas.
but i'm pretty much extremely lazy.